An Introduction to Howard County's Nonprofit Sector and Its Advocacy Issues


Human Services

U.S. Department of Labor and Apprenticeship Toolkit

Maryland Department of Labor and Licensing Apprenticeship and Training Program

Baltimore Metropolitan Council Family Supporting Jobs Report, July 2018


All-Payer Model Results, CY

Howard Health Partnership Overview and Intervention Summary

2017 - 2020 Maryland State Plan on Aging

Maryland's Total Cost of Care Model

Health Resources and Contacts

ALICE Report Maryland

Examining, Understanding and Mitigating the Benefits Cliff Effect

Statistics from the MD Alliance for the Poor on Howard County

National Low Income Housing Coalition - Out of reach 2018: Maryland/Howard County

Fund the Trust Act (Council Bill 18-0221) and City Agreement, Estimated 10-Year Impact

League of Women Voters of Howard County Housing Study April 2018

Howard County Times Article April 2018

Ratio of Income to Poverty Level in the Past 12 Months by Disability

Association of Community Services

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