Board Recruitment and Screening Virtual Workshop for Smaller Organizations

  • 14 Feb 2023
  • 9:30 AM - 12:30 PM
  • Virtual



ACS & MD Nonprofits Educational Partnership


Board Recruitment and Screening Virtual Workshop

for Smaller Organizations*

*Organizations with budgets under $300,000 and/or

less than four full-time equivalent staff

Building the board is one of the most crucial actions your organization will take but how can you ensure that the board you are building will be an effective one? In this virtual workshop, we will discuss your recruitment and screening process, and how it may be improved. Join us as we review possible organizational obstacles to recruiting the board members you want and need. You’ll be introduced to tools that will assist in the recruitment and screening process; review strategies and steps; and receive advice on where you could be looking for board member prospects.

Utilize this opportunity to learn how to ask a board prospect to consider board service in a compelling way; methods for screening potential board members as well as interview strategies. Throughout this interactive program we will pause for teams to review their organization’s current practices, do some action planning, and exchange best practices with the larger group.

This session will be limited to 10 organizations. The expectation is that each organization will have no more than 3 participants; a senior staff member who works closely with the board and two board members is recommended. All volunteer organizations are encouraged to send 3 board members. Due to the collaborative activities in this class, at least two people are required to register for this class. If at least two people from the organization are not available, please do not register.

Click on the registration button above to receive your discount code and a link to the MD Nonprofits registration page.  You will submit one registration for your organization, and two to three individuals can participate. We ask that you do not attend this training if at least two representatives from your organization cannot participate. Organizations are limited to one registration (2-3 people) each.

Ticket Price

ACS Members $149 per organization with discount code 

(Click on the register button above to receive discount code and link to register as a guest on the MD Nonprofits site.)

MD Nonprofit Members: $149 per organization

NDC: $29 per organization

Non-members: $249 per organization

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